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The beautiful Mélange [Mixture] earrings consist of a beautiful, cascading assortment of ivory freshwater pearl shapes - round, off-round and rice/oval - interspersed between links of 14k gold filled rolo chain. Each individual pearl is integrated into the chain links by hand using the same technique seen in the matching, Mélange necklace.

Mélange Earrings

  • METAL: 14k Gold filled Rolo Chain

    A metal alloy consisting of a substantial layer of 14 Karat yellow gold (comprising at least 5% by weight of the products total metal content) mechanically fused via intense heat and pressure to a hypoallergenic brass core. There is a gradual fusion between the outer gold layer & core metal (making the flaking/chipping experienced with electroplating/vermeil items impossible) and gold filled jewellery articles appearing and behaving as an article made with the solid 14k gold alloy. 

    LENGTH: 6cm

    CHAIN DIMENSIONS: 5mm wide


    EAR FITTING: Stud & Butterfly back

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