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Extra special, statement, triple strand freshwater pearl necklace. This piece is for the die hard pearl lovers - a necklace made up of three strands of different pearl sizes and shapes - both round, potato and keshi - finished with a chunky 14k gold filled toggle clasp for that contemporary edge. 


Please note, this necklace will require the wearer to twist the strands themselves before fastening to achieved the desired look - the twist is not built in! Gently hold each end where the strands join the ring before the clasp components and carefully twist one end away from you. Wrap around the neck and fasten the toggle. Warning do not over twist as this could lead to breakage.


This special necklace style is sold on a made to order basis only - please allow at least 3 weeks processing time before expecting delivery. Additionally, due to the natural formation and irregular shapes of the keshi pearls used in this design, each necklace will be slightly unique due to natural variations.

Reine necklace

  • METAL: 14k Gold filled

    A metal alloy consisting of a substantial layer of 14 Karat yellow gold (comprising at least 5% by weight of the products total metal content) mechanically fused via intense heat and pressure to a hypoallergenic brass core. There is a gradual fusion between the outer gold layer & core metal (making the flaking/chipping experienced with electroplating/vermeil items impossible) and gold filled jewellery articles appearing and behaving as an article made with the solid 14k gold alloy. 

    NECKLACE LENGTH: 16"/41cm

    PEARL DIAMETERS: Keshi - 10mm, Round- 4mm, 3mm & 2mm.

    CLOSURE: Toggle Clasp [12mm (circle), 2.5cm (toggle)]

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