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PLEASE NOTE: This necklace is a collar design and is intended to sit close to the neck - please leave your custom neck measurement (in cm) from where you want the necklace to sit to ensure the perfect fit! 


The Celine necklace is named after the lovely Celine Bernaerts (@celine_bernaerts), inspired by a bespoke necklace I designed especially for her! This version is a necklace intended for more regular versus occasion wear - though its opulent, three-row collar design is still very much intended to make a statement. 


This piece is made up of three rows of dainty, freshwater pearls that sit closely to the neck, finished with an intricate, 14k gold filled, antique-style box-snap clasp for a feminine, classic finish. 

Celine Necklace

  • METAL: 14k Gold filled 

    A metal alloy consisting of a substantial layer of 14k Karat yellow gold (comprising at least 5% by weight of the products total metal content) mechanically fused via intense heat and pressure to a hypoallergenic brass core. There is a gradual fusion between the outer gold layer & core metal (making the flaking/chipping experienced with electroplating/vermeil items impossible) and gold filled jewellery articles appearing and behaving as an article made with the solid 14k gold alloy. 

    LENGTH: 14"/35cm (can be made longer/shorter on request)


    PEARL DIAMETER: 4mm wide

    CLOSURE: Box-snap clasp

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